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Former Secretary of Defense
William Perry 
My Journey at the
Nuclear Brink

October 24, 2016
7 pm (doors open at 6:30)
All Souls Unitarian Church
1157 Lexington Ave (at 80th St.) 

In his book My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, William Perry describes his lifelong passion to prevent nuclear war, including his experience as Secretary of Defense from 1994 to 1997. With George Shultz, Sam Nunn, and Henry Kissinger, he was co-author of a series of influential op-eds in the Wall Street Journal on the need to move toward a world free of nuclear weapons. He believes that the dangers posed by nuclear arms are now greater than ever, that action is urgently needed to reduce those dangers, and that nuclear weapons should be abolished as soon as possible.

In the New York Review of Books, California Governor Jerry Brown wrote: "I know of no person who understands the science or politics of modern weaponry better than William J. Perry. When a man of such unquestioned experience and intelligence issues the stark nuclear warning that is central to his recent memoir, we should take heed."
Sponsored by: Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, All Souls Nuclear Disarmament Task Force, Peace Action of New York State
Endorsed by: Global Security Institute ; NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security; Brooklyn For Peace; Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives; United Religions Initiative
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